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Rank and Paint

The title given to those Scouts who are undergoing the tests which may lead them to membership. Foxmen are not yet members of the Tribe. Foxmen are under the care of the Runners of the Tribe.

The first rank bestowed upon boy members after successful completion of their testing. Braves wear a single claw on their lanyards and may wear only dance coup. A Brave is expected to construct a costume, participate in Tribal activities and complete the specific requirements for advancement to Warrior. In order to be inducted into the Tribe of Mic-O-Say as a Brave, an individual must be less than 18 years of age.

Warrior, Honorary
The rank bestowed upon an adult leader, 18 years of age or older, upon completion of the induction process. Honorary Warriors are encouraged to build a costume and participate in Tribal activities. They are not eligible for paint elevations. An Honorary Warrior may be selected for membership on the Tribal Council or Council of Chieftains. Honorary Warriors wear two claws mounted in a downward crescent.

Warrior, Hard-way
The second rank of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say, Warrior, is conferred upon a Brave under the age of 21 who has completed the requirements for advancement and who returns for a full session of camp. A Hard-way Warrior wears two claws, pointing upward. A Hard-way Warrior is eligible for Paint Station advancement up to the age of 21 and election to the Warriors’ Council.

Signified by orange paint on the tips of the claws. Firebuilders gather wood, construct and maintain all fires for ceremonials, campfires, and on other specified occasions. Assignments for Firebuilders are made at the beginning of each camping session. Each Firebuilder must construct a tom-tom beater which meets specifications established by the Tribal Council.

Tom-Tom Beater
Signified by green paint on the tips of the claws. Tom-Tom Beaters perform the chants and beat the drums for all campfires and ceremonials. They are charged with the care of and responsibility for the Tribal drums.

Signified by blue paint on the tips of the claws. Runners are charged with the supervision and care of Foxmen throughout their period of testing. The Runner paint station is one of the most coveted positions in the Tribe, but one which requires a great deal of maturity and sound judgment. It is a position of considerable responsibility and one not given lightly by the Tribal Council. A minimum of two years in this paint station is required before further advancement.

Keeper of the Sacred Bundle
Signified by yellow paint on the tips of the claws. Keepers are charged with maintaining the Customs and Traditions of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say. By tradition, the most important responsibilities of a Keeper of the Sacred Bundle are never detailed in print.

Signified by white paint on the tips of the claws. Sachem is the first level of membership in the Tribal Council. (For specific duties, see section on The Tribal Council.)

Medicine Man
Signified by white paint on the tips of the claws. Medicine Man is the senior level of membership on the Tribal Council. (For specific duties, see section on Tribal Council.)

Signified by red paint on the tips of the claws. (For specific duties, see section on Council of Chieftains.) Since 1948, it has been the Tribe’s tradition to elevate one Tribesman each year to the rank of Chieftain. He becomes the honorary head of the Tribe for twelve moons, and concurrent with his promotion, he becomes the newest member of the Council of Chieftains.

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