Meet the Chief!

Chieftain Least Red Clock - Ken Paden
"Stay active in Scouting. Stay active in Mic-O-Say. Always live by the 4HR, because through those, you become a better man."
 Chieftain Red Clock's advice to new Braves
Hometown: St. Joseph, MO
Tapped:  3rd Session, 1963
Fun Facts:
- He is a three time Tapper
- Became a Sachem 3rd Session, 1971 and then MM 5th session 1977
- Received the Four Fires award in 1988
- Named the Senior Medicine Man in 2011
- Has served on the Camp Geiger Staff for 48 years!
To view Ken Paden's thoughts on having been in the Tribe for 50 years (dated 2013), CLICK HERE

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