Saturday, 18 October 2014 13:24

White Shield Costuming Workshop 2014

Written by: Jack L. Vaught

Sachem Little Tiny Horse

On Sept. 27, 2014, The White Shield Dance Team held its sixth-annual White Coup Costuming Workshop. New Braves and veteran Tribesmen were encouraged to attend, were they were given instruction and guidance on costume construction. White Coup Society members of the White Shield Dance Team and its leaders provided help on costume building from knee bells and headbands to more complex items like beading and hair roach construction.

Over 50 boys and adults attended the workshop.

The White Shield Dance Team's Sixth annual recognition banquet followed, where boys and adults were recognized for their participation and support of the 2013-2014 dance season. All Tribesmen under the age of 21 in attendance won several door prizes donated by members of the Lone Bear Council. Prizes ranged from camping gear to costume supplies.

Most notable in the awards was the recognition of our Most Active Tribesmen, where an unprecedented three first-place awards were given out.

The recipients were (from left to right)

3rd Place: Devon Moyer, Brave Wings In Sky, Troop 360 in Kearney, Missouri

2nd Place: Brandon Cessna, Firebuilder Small Roaring Silver Bird, Troop 360 in Kearney, Missouri (represented by his Mic-O-Say advisor, Rick Mohr)

1st Place: Joshua Orr, Brave Least Twisted Song, Troop 360 in Kearney, Missouri

1st Place: Jacob Orr, Tom-Tom Beater Little Twisted Song, Troop 360 in Kearney, Missouri

1st Place: Max Gruschka, Firebuilder Iron Dog, Troop 360 in Kearney, Missouri

The Most Active Unit award was also given and in its sixth consecutive win, it was awarded to the Tribesmen of Troop 360 in Kearney, Missouri, Rick Mohr, Mic-O-Say Advisor.


To see more photos from the event, CLICK HERE

Saturday, 23 August 2014 12:53

Pow-Wow 2014: Mic-O-Lympics Recap

By Morgan Farrell

TTB Little Sees Many Horses

            The theme of the 2014 Fall Pow-Wow was "Mic-O-Lympics.” It gave the games an Olympic spin that was enjoyed by all who attended. Throughout Friday and Saturday, there were competitions for all Tribesmen to participate, whether it be the Mic-O-Lympics games, the costume competitions at the Friday night Pow-Wow, or the dance and dance team competitions at the Saturday night Pow-Wow. There were plenty of chances for Tribesmen to take home ribbons and even medals for those that dominated their event.

            Tribesmen began showing up around 5 p.m. to register and set up camp. At 8 p.m. the weekend officially began with the Friday night Pow-Wow. There were fancy and traditional costume competitions for all ranks and paint stations. There was also a dance exhibition for all the new Braves to learn how to dance. After the Pow-Wow, all Tribesmen moved to the Handicraft Corral for a cracker barrel to end the night.

               Saturday began with an amazing breakfast in the Dining Hall. After breakfast, Tribesmen moved to attend their dance team meetings in various locations on Camp. There they introduced all the new Braves and elected their Warrior's Council representative. Most Tribesmen then enjoyed a free hour before attending their respective rank and paint station meetings. Warriors spent their time learning proper dance technique, Firebuilders were shown how to build a proper fire, Tom-Tom Beaters reviewed drumming and chants, and Runners and Keepers discussed various things. It was a very productive morning.

            After lunch in the corral, the games began. The games were spread all over Camp and gave Tribesmen they chance to do everything from hitting home runs to targeting their favorite Chieftain with a water balloon launcher. At the end of the afternoon, the winners of the events were awarded medals. Also occurring throughout the day was the Trader's Midway. Many items were traded including patches, beads, costume parts and knives. It was a very successful afternoon. 

            The evening began after a wonderful dinner in the Dining Hall before everyone moved to the council ring for the Saturday night Pow-Wow. In between the presentation of ribbons for dance and costume competitions, there were special Pow-Wows led by Tom-Tom Beaters from the various dance teams. Robidoux started off the night with their Pow-Wow. Then we moved on to White Shield, then Maha/Otoe/the Wichita wanderer, and then ended the night with an awesome Pow-Wow from Crossed Arrows/Lone Star. Maha/Otoe/the Wichita wanderer took home Fourth Place, Robidoux took Third, Crossed Arrows/Lone Star took Second, and the White Shield team inched away from the others to take home First.

            Directing Medicine Man Walks Tall shared his words of closing and the night ended with a fireworks display for all to enjoy. It was an amazing end to a fantastic weekend on our Reservation.


To view a video recap of this event, CLICK HERE

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