Saturday, 26 October 2013 11:22

Camp Geiger Staff Alumni Dinner Recap

By Ben Shackelford, Runner Least Winging Black Hawk 

The 2013 Staff Reunion Dinner was held on October 5, 2013 at Camp Geiger with special recognition for the staff of 1965. With over 80 members in attendance, this event was a big success.

The afternoon began with open free shooting and a COPE tower experience. Current and previous staff members had the opportunity to zip line and even try their hand at five stand sporting clays. The evening continued with a friendly social hour before dinner, in which there was a slideshow with pictures of Camp and Camp Staff members throughout the years. All in attendance were treated to an excellent dinner of burgers, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, shrimp, and cheddar biscuits prepared by Brad Derr and his crew.

The Staff was honored to have both Bill Kent and Ken Paden speak about their experiences as members of the 1965 staff. They both had many memorable stories to share. When the evening drew to a close, there were a few final videos with clips of camp through the years. To close out the evening, everyone was given a patch to commemorate the event.


Tuesday, 08 October 2013 20:11

Inner Circle Website Up and Running

The Inner Circle Trade Company would like to let everybody know that for a short while, we had to shut down our website. On September 12th, we were notified that our site had been compromised and we took proper steps to shut down our site in the best interest of our customers. Our website was immediately cleansed and reloaded.

We realize that Google has flagged our site as having potential malware. We have contacted them to have them re-inspect our site, however, it could take several weeks for them to remove the flag. At this point we are happy to announce that the website is fully operational and is completely safe to use and that no customer information was in danger of being accessed. 

We encourage all Tribesmen to check our website and we apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. We also look forward to seeing everybody at our Grand Opening on October 26th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Almost everything in the store will be marked down to help you get all your costume needs at the best prices. Thanks for your support of the Inner Circle Trade Company.

Tuesday, 01 October 2013 22:12

Inner Circle's Grand Opening

By Aaron Babel
FB Lone Falcon
The Tribe’s new merchandising committee has announced the grand opening of the Inner Circle Trade Company in the newly-remodeled Flaming Crow Trading Post on the Geiger Reservation. It will take place on October 26, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. in the new section of the Flaming Crow Trading Post.
As you might expect for any grand opening, everything will be on sale. There will be big discounts on all of your favorite costume items. In addition to discount prices on all costume materials, there will be special costume building programs and individuals on site to take measurements for customized dance shirts.
For all new Braves, there will be a special bustle building session specially tailored just for you.  No one will want to miss this amazing, one-time event!
For more information check out their website
Tuesday, 01 October 2013 21:21

Maha Family Picnic

By FB Lone Falcon

On Sunday, August 18 in Omaha Nebraska, a group of out of council Tribesmen and their families met up for the Maha family picnic. There were approximately to 60 people in attendance for the event, 30 of which were youth Tribesmen. There were even 15 new Braves in attendance to experience the fellowship at the picnic!

There was a dance practice led by the dance team’s Lone Bear Council for all of the families to enjoy. Following the practice there was delicious meal prepared by Ken McBratney, Sachem Makes Peace, the Maha dance team director. It was a great opportunity for Tribesmen to discuss events of the past summer and to get ready for the upcoming dance season.

Tuesday, 01 October 2013 21:08

2013 Jamboree Recap

Chris Crofoot
TTB Starry Trail

The 2013 National Boy Scout Jamboree took place on July 15th through 25th at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in Mt. Hope, West Virginia, with nearly three-dozen Scouts and Scout leaders from the Pony Express Council in attendance. The great thing about a National Scout Jamboree is the opportunity to share Scouting experiences, skills and fun with other Scouts from across the country and even some from other countries.

Scouters from the Pony Express Council who attended the event were quick to note the excessive amount of rainfall that came during the event. However, the rainy weather did not dampen their spirits; they just went with the flow, literally, creating a massive mudslide to keep them entertained between formal activities.

There were a multitude of scheduled activities ranging from scuba diving to the “Big-Zip”, which is a 3,100-foot long zip line that can reach up to 60 miles per hour!  It was a 45-minute hike to the top, and it was a 45-second ride down.  Spencer Rosenak explained that you had to go through an interview process before you could join the Jamboree contingent.  This was the first time this event was held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, and it will be the permanent home for future Jamborees.  “I got to meet a lot of new people from a lot of different countries.  I got an experience that you just can’t get in Missouri,” Spencer Rosenak said. “If I went back, I would like to go back as a staff member.”

“It was a great experience where you could do activities you couldn’t normally do, like whitewater rafting, mountain biking, and BMX,” Jordan Miller, who also attended the Jamboree, said. “If you have the chance to go, you should.”

To sum it up, the 2013 National Scout Jamboree was a success for Scouts across the country, and especially for the ones here in the Pony Express Council.  

Monday, 30 September 2013 13:04

Camp Geiger Staff Alumni Dinner - Who's Coming

The following have pre-registered on-line for the Camp Geiger Staff Alumni Dinner

Daniel Gerhardt
Elissa Haddock
Andrew Becker
Brandon Keller
Kirby Paulman
Chris Thomas 
Cody Lehman
Byron Watkins
Sean Killin
Kenneth Paden
J Marvin Atkins
Samuel Adam
Don Carrick
Alex Zanatta
Benjamin Shackelford
Roger Denton
George Wyatt III
Eliot Covington
Thomas Wilke
Karen Babel
Norman Chipps
Paul Brenneman
Richarde Covington
David Thomas
Matthew Hawkins + 1
Mark Langemach
Mable Blanchard
Scott Nichols
Steve Faubion
Casey Dupree
Ryan Hager
Richard Hinkle
Noah Bielby
Aaron Lewis
 Larry Grantham
Joseph  Raymer
Matthew Becker
Jay Hemenway
Jordan Milller
William McMurray
Timothy P Murphy
Gary Lueking
Lon E Edwards
Jesse Johnson
Mike Gerhardt
Shawn Gentry
Lannette Hanway
Angela Davies
James Arcano
Lori Stolberg
Rick Gerhardt
Mike Gerhardt

* These are the names submitted as the payer.  They may be paying for someone else to actually attend.

Saturday, 21 September 2013 14:51

Venture Quest 2013

By Nathaniel Curry and Chris Crofoot
Runner Smaller Ivory Buttons and Tom-Tom Beater Starry Trail

Camping is nothing new to Boy Scouts, but most Scouts haven’t been on an adventure like the Scouts who participated in this year’s Venture Quest, a high adventure event for Venture Scouts. Entering the second year for the program, Scouts from the Pony Express Council and beyond met at Camp Geiger for a week of camping unlike any other. The Scouts led by Larry Grantham, spent two nights on the Geiger Reservation and then journeyed south to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for three nights.  They stayed in air-conditioned cabins that were provided by C&J Sports.

A total of 25 participants and 15 staff, most of them Camp Geiger staff, went on this adventure. With programs like Open Water Certification, mountain biking, shooting sports, wilderness first aid, and cooking, these Scouts and Venture Scouts kept busy having fun and trying new things. 

Participants in the mountain biking activity learned the basics at Camp Geiger, and then they went to ride specific trails down in Arkansas.  Two of the treks were four-mile trails the first day, and then they rode a nine-mile trail the second day.  Members of the cooking class prepared the meals, and all of the activities took their lunches with them in order to spend more time having fun.

“My favorite part was going to the beach after every day.  It was a great, relaxing, bonding experience,” staff member Andrew Becker said. “What I got most out of the program was I had to push myself a little more physically and mentally.”

Organizers have already started laying the groundwork for next year’s Venture Quest. For more information, look for Larry Grantham at upcoming tribal events or check back on the Mic-O-Say website in the future. This is truly an experience that you won’t want to miss!



Saturday, 21 September 2013 10:42

My Experience as Chieftain

I arrived late to the Tribal Feast this year due to church related responsibilities.  Lunch was over before I finally met up with fellow Tribal Council members, many of whom I've had as friends for over 30 years; we've grown up together in Mic-O-Say and I always enjoy the Feast as the start of my summer fun!  In that moment, l had no idea just how much fun this summer would be!  Frankly, I still find it unbelievable that mine was the name called by DMM Walks Tall for elevation to Chieftain... I mean really, think about it... No matter what your Tribal rank or paint station say out loud the word "Chieftain" followed by your Tribal name.  See what I mean, it just seems like you've said something naughty!  When my long time friend Chief Little Pack Rock said those unspeakable words, I was humbled and honored.

I was escorted around Ceremonial Grounds during the elevation by Chieftain Boy Helper.  My first summer as a Camper at Camp Geiger, then Sachem Boy Helper was on the Sr. Camp Staff and one of my role models.  Having him walk me through this new season of my Geiger experience seemed appropriate.  As he walked me around the fire I listened to script that I've heard many times on the ridge and have even spoken many times when I was a KSB.  But on this night, I appreciated again the significance of the words as they were spoken to me.  I found it quite humbling to receive gifts from representatives of the Tribe.  Several representatives were youth with whom I have worked on the Make Talk Now Staff; others were adults with whom I have worked on various Tribal Council committees.  Each of these relationships have been important to me, and their involvement in the ceremony I found very meaningful.  At some point in the evening I noticed my Dad, Honorary Warrior Big Short Fire in attendance sitting right beside my son-in-law Honorary Warrior Strikes Fire.  My son-in-law had never been present when I was elevated, and the only other elevation that my Dad was able to witness was the night I went from Fire Builder to Tom-Tom Beater!  Having them in attendance, along with several Tribesmen from the church that I pastor, added to the special tenor of the evening for me.  Many thanks to those who made those special touches possible!

June 1, 2013 is a night that I'm sure I'll remember for the rest of my life.  The night I joined the Council of Chieftains and was elevated for the 9th, and final time at 4F.

Throughout the summer, everything about my Chieftain experience was very enjoyable.  I told Ed Stroud during first session that I was really looking forward to watching tapping from inside the circle.  The only other time I had been inside the circle, as a Tribesman, I was carrying a torch and tomahawk and not paying much attention to the view. Each week this summer I enjoyed congratulating the new candidates, thanking Camper Coup recipients, and especially having the opportunity to speak from my heart to new Braves, and Warriors.

My heartfelt congratulations to each Tribesman who in 2013 assumed new responsibility via new claw, claws, paint, or coup.  The summer certainly went by quickly, and before we know it, we'll be gathering together again for the elevation of another Chieftain.  Indeed, many moons have come and gone and the Tribe of Mic-O-Say remains unbroken in spirit... but the summer of 2013 will be the season I will rewind in my mind over and over for the rest of my life.  Thanks to each one who contributed to my experience.

Darrell Jones
Chieftain Short Fire

Saturday, 21 September 2013 10:07

Jumping Bear Museum Opens

By Chris Crofoot, TTB Starry Trail

Those spending time at our beloved Camp Geiger this past summer had the opportunity to visit an area that is important to our past, present, and future. The new Jumping Bear Museum, located on the north side of the Trading Post, was dedicated on June 1, 2013 at the annual Tribal Feast, and opened its doors to those in attendance that day to view the newly displayed items inside. Named in honor of the late Tim Ernst, MM Jumping Bear, the museum offers its visitors a glimpse into some of the history of our camp as well as our Tribe.

In addition to the historical items on display, which include various photos, artifacts, and costume pieces, the Jumping Bear Museum also offers technological resources for Scouts. Throughout the summer you could find young men using the museum’s iPads to work on various merit badges, including Citizenship in the Nation and Personal Management. Alex Zanatta, the museum curator had the following to say about the museum. “On average, we had approximately 200 kids per week use the iPads to complete requirements for their badges. Citizenship in the Nation would come in for the first 10 minutes and watch the news on the CNN and FOX news applications while scouts in Personal Management and First Class Trail would come in and watch a video for their requirements on the big-screen television. As for visitor’s night on Wednesday, we were open for an hour and a half and we were packed during that time. Kids would bring their parents in to check it out and we had a Kids’ Corner operating where young children could make necklaces out of beads.” When asked about the popularity of the museum, Zanatta stated, “One example was the traffic that we had, where people would want to come in and use the iPads to learn about history.”

The new Jumping Bear Museum proved to be a welcome addition to Camp Geiger this summer. While the results from this year were phenomenal, renovations are already planned for next year. The exhibits will be expanding and new ones will arrive to allow for more history to be displayed. This new area of Camp had great success, and many more years of it are sure to follow.

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